Making his NFL primetime debut tonight, Rockford native James Robinson is turning out to be a fun player to watch.

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At the beginning of September Robinson, a free agent, was picked up and later named the starting running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Before his first game, something told me to pick him up for my fantasy football team if he was available. He was, so I did.

Week one I wasn't sure so I didn't start him and he had a great game. Broke an NFL record for most rushing yards from an undrafted rookie. And then last week, against better judgment, I still didn't start him.

This week I have learned from my mistake and put him in. It's turning out to be a wise decision too. As I'm typing, kid's almost racked up 31 points for me! Woo-hoo!!

So if you can you might wanna find a way to add this kid to your roster. To those like myself who already got'em let's revel in his current success for a couple of different reasons!

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