Being from Minnesota, I get made fun of for my accent...a lot; not sure why, it's something that I'm quite proud of actually.

But, there is something that I say, that you might be guilty of saying too, making you sound just like a Minnesotan.

In fact, I'm not so sure it's really a Minnesotan saying at all; it could be a Midwestern thing.

Ever heard someone say "ope?"  Instead of saying "excuse me" when you bump into someone or something, you say, "ope."  I'm pretty sure I said it a million times while I was in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl.

"Ope, I'm sorry." "Ope, sorry about that."

Sound familiar?

So, does anyone from Illinois say it, too? Someone from Reddit wanted to know and I wasn't too surprised by the response.

  • "Pretty much the slogan/calling card of anyone in the Midwest."
  • "Not just people, I say "Ope" when I bump into inanimate objects too."
  • "I say "ope" like 40 times a day."
  • "Ope, i spilt my sodie"
  • "Come to MN to get the biggest opes."

What about you?

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