If you're anything like me, you're always up for a road trip to see new places and things.

My boyfriend and I try to get at least an hour outside of Rockford once a month; we'll pick one destination and stop at bars, stores and landmarks along the way.  It's a fun little reminder that there's so much out there to experience and do, and we're so fortunate to be close to it all.

Thanks to Fox 6 Now, I have a new destination to travel to- the Walk Her Inn, in West Allis; or should I say Walk Her Inn, Drag Her Out.

Fox 6 says that despite the bar being a staple in West Allis for more than 30 years, some locals are calling for a name change, saying that the name of the bar promotes rape culture.

The owner of the bar was empathetic and apologetic to those who say that it's offensive, but she has no intention of changing the name.

After several news outlets shared the story, the Walk Her Inn Facebook page has started to see an increase in support and rave reviews, along with an increase in business, which will soon include mine.

As a victim of rape and a survivor of sexual assault, I'm personally not offended by this. I don't necessarily find it funny either, but if I was offended by it, I simply wouldn't go.

On the other hand, if someone were to open a new bar in the area, I would hope that they never consider calling it something so archaic.

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