During this hard time, we are constantly reminded of who we need to be looking out for besides ourselves. We need to take extra care of our elderly. After clearing out grocery store shelves across the country, a lot seniors were left without necessities. So stores are taking action to make sure we pay special attention and get them what they need.

Specifically, Dollar General. They announced they will dedicate the first hour of each shopping day to seniors only amid the COVID-19 outbreak. WREX details -

Beginning Tuesday, Dollar General is strongly encouraging that the first hour of operations each day be dedicated solely for the shopping needs of senior customers, who are one of the groups most vulnerable to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

All other customers are encouraged to plan their shopping trips around this time to allow those most susceptible to COVID-19 to shop. Another change detailed by WREX -

Dollar General also announced they will be closing one hour earlier every day to allow employees to clean and re-stock shelves.

So be considerate of the elderly during this time and help make sure they're okay during this time.

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