A Loves Park resident took to social media to give Rockford area residents a heads up, just in case this phone scam happens to them.

John Cruz on Facebook said "if you get a call today from ComEd telling you that you need to call a 1-888 number to pay your bill or your power is going to be shut off today. It's a scam."

Cruz followed up by mentioning a quick phone call he had with ComEd, shortly after hanging up with the scammer, and they told him "they would never call if you were late on your bill or if they're going to shut your power off."

Things like this are rarely entertaining but Cruz managed to record the entire conversation he had with the scammer.

Listening back, part of me wishes those scammers would've called me. I would've had so much fun with a call like that. Why does John Cruz get to have all the fun?

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