I'm totally the parent that primarily uses Facebook to share pics of my kids. If I find something cute or funny, I snap a pic and then I share it.

Posting kids' cuteness (or naughtiness) on social media is almost an automatic response for parents these days, but a campaign called Kids For Privacy is asking parents to "pause before we post".

I like to think I'm mindful of the pictures I share on social media, but now I wonder am I truly being mindful enough? Could any of the pics I'm sharing end up in the wrong hands; could they end up making them a target for bullies and predators in the future? Sadly, the answer might be yes.

Worrying about the possibility of a predator getting their hands on pictures of our kids could drive a parent nuts, and the Kids For Privacy movement is not asking parents to stop posting pics completely, just to be cautious about the subject matter of the photo.

The Child Rescue Coalition, who is behind the Kids For Privacy campaign, says to NEVER post pics of your kids on social media using hashtags like #nakedkids, #kidsbathing or #pottytraining which are easy outlets for predators to find pictures.

The Coalition suggests considering these four things before hitting "share" on that next picture of your kids:

  • Why am I sharing this?
  • Would I want someone else to share an image like this of me?
  • Would I want this image of my child viewed and downloaded by predators on the Dark Web?
  • Is this something I want to be part of my child’s digital life?

We don't need to stop posting pics of our kids all together, but we can never be too careful when it comes to our kids' safety, so before you post, THINK.

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