In the last few years we've said good-bye to so many business, but this good-bye hits a little different.

We all know what a tough few years it's been, for everyone really, especially small businesses owners. So, when you see a story on social media about a store or location shutting its doors, you imagine it has something to do with the rent being too high or the business just not getting as much traffic as you'd expect.

That's not the case with one of the most recent downtown Rockford stores announcing that it is closing, this time the reason is much more personal.

Today (Thursday, September 8, Lori from London Avenue Designs shared this message on her social media pages.

Lori was diagnosed with cancer in 2019 and shared that she is still in the 'process of figuring out treatment plans.'

She also told her social media followers that she expects this to be a lifelong health journey, which is why she is choosing to close the shop after a decade of sharing her creativity with all of us.

While the post is heart wrenching, there are a few more positive elements to take note of, the store is not closed just yet, you have until Wednesday, November 23 to stop by, shop and send Lori your best wishes.

In addition to not closing just yet, there is actually going to be a big party to celebrate ten years of London Avenue Designs on Saturday October 8 from 10 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.


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