For the third year in a row, the walking path along the Rock River between State Street and Jefferson Street bridges will be lit, literally. You can call it a Christmas light show and dance party but the technical name is River Lights. The idea comes from Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and is produced by Luxe Productions.

The free show, which runs every 15 minutes beginning at 5:30 PM and ending at 8:30 PM, is intended to be visible up-close and from as far away as Joe Marino Park.

This year, the installation features new designs and an interactive feature which allows viewers to activate lights in different zones located in Joe Marino Park.

River Lights illuminates downtown Rockford in a way it's never done before. John Groh, RACVB President, and CEO described it like this,

"River Lights will take your breath away."

Here's a brief preview of the light show itself, but, you'll have to see it in person to hear the music behind the show.

Also, while you're there, listen for a familiar voice. Click here for more about Rockford's River Lights.

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