A week ago, Rockford filmmaker and artist Pablo Korona and the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (RACVB) released a video that captures a wonderfully picturesque view of our town.

Many of you are familiar with Pablo Korona's stunningly beautiful and moving series about Rockford called "Our City, Our Story," And, if you're not, click on the link to check it out. You'll thank me later.

This guy is the real deal.

His latest, entitled "Up, up, up," done in conjunction with the RACVB, is only one minute long, but those 60 seconds are shot, edited, and presented to near perfection.

As Pablo points out on his Facebook page, trying to put together this video during the pandemic was no easy feat, but the results are something that those of us who live here and love Rockford should love.

So, like I said earlier, take one minute and enjoy. I sure did.


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