I don't make a huge deal about this with friends and coworkers, but I've been getting headaches almost every day for, well, more than 15 years. In the last 5 years, I've also been struggling with massive jaw pain. I got a little relief from working with doctors... but just a little.

And then, I had a huge muscle spasm after working out.

All of those things together pushed me to look for an alternative (because you can only rely on over-the-counter pain meds for so long, right?) That's when I found Dr. Kyle, of Chiropractic First of Rockford. He doesn't just talk about chiropractic care; he focuses on five essentials:

Proper Nerve Function
Stress Reduction
Exercise & Fitness
Quality Nutrition

And, he doesn't just treat pain. Who knew going to see a chiropractor could help with anxiety, blood pressure problems and allergies? I have problems with all three (among other things) and was so excited to learn that Dr. Kyle could help me with them.

He also can help with back issues, neck pain, flexibility, digestive issues, joint pain, sinus relief, panic attacks and so much more, because the basis of chiropractics is making sure your nerves are sending the right messages to the rest of your body.

Dr. Kyle shows Michelle where her neck has lost its curve. (Tony DalPra, Townsquare Media)

I learned so much during my first couple of appointments with Dr. Kyle. Most doctors have you fill out paperwork when you start seeing them, basic health background, insurance, blah, blah, blah. But when you start seeing Dr. Kyle, you really think about what problems you're having and detail them all. It's like going to science class without the homework.

With Dr. Kyle, before you're ever adjusted, you learn how your body is supposed to look and function and what can make some nerves move and change. Then you take x-rays and compare yours to the 'perfect' x-ray. You can see where your issues may be stemming from just from the x-rays. (Turns out, my neck is super-straight, not all nice and curved like the model in his office.)

Michelle shows off the perfect spine at Chiropractic First of Rockford. (Tony DalPra, Townsquare Media)

You also get weighed on a two-sided scale so that you can see where you are carrying more weight in your body. Not physically on one side or the other, but the way you're holding yourself and favoring one side over the other, which could cause some aches and pain.

By the end of my first two appointments, I felt like I had learned a TON and was excited to move to the next stage. Which was good, because he scheduled three adjustments for the following week.

I'm going to share bits of my journey with you each month, so be sure to check back on ZOK to see how I felt after my first adjustments and to learn more about Dr. Kyle's approach to wellness.

I'm glad I took a chance and scheduled that first consultation. If you're wondering if he can help you, CLICK HERE to get started with your own consultation! (Be sure to mention that you heard about them on WZOK.)