Some facts in life are just rules that we all live by without any question.

For example ... driving with the windows down and AC off saves gas right? WRONG!

Did your jaw just drop? Mine did. Summertime means perfect windows down weather. However, sometimes, you really just need a solid blast of AC to the face after a long day. Well, turns out that is actually better than hitting the highway with your windows down.

WREX details -

If you want to save on fuel costs this summer, roll up the windows and turn on the AC. While running the air conditioning in your vehicle does increase fuel consumption. It’s actually more efficient than driving with the windows down at highway speeds. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, that’s because open windows increase the car’s aerodynamic drag. Making your car’s engine work harder.

So roll those windows up and enjoy some cool air on your face. You deserve it after that long day!

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