Thanks to someone and their drone camera, we can now see inside something we drive past often but have never seen. You won't believe it.

What you're about to see actually has been a part of a couple very well-known moments in our past. Nimtz Quarry on N. Mulford and Perryville Roads was where Bill Murray drove a truck off a cliff in the movie Groundhog Day.

In 1997, Ted Uliassi started his around-the-world voyage in a hot air balloon called the 'J Rene' from the base of the quarry. He didn't succeed.

The hot-air balloon named the "J.Renee", after the
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Today, Ted would need a boat to do that. Take a look at what's going on behind that fence  at Nimtz Quarry you'll never get a chance to be on the other side of.

Drone Captures a Part of Rockford You've Never Seen Before
Jeff Taber via Facebook

Like me, you probably have a few questions about that water. First, there won't be any swimming in 'Lake Nimtz' even though that water looks like the Caribbean. And the source of that water isn't rain. They've dug so far down that they hit the water table and the space filled up.

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