Wrigley Field's new food options for the 2019 season include fried pork strips, short rib fries, Wrigley-made potato chips and more.

Baseball has always been know as America's favorite pastime, but I feel like that is changing a bit. Wrigley Field and their food providers Levy, seems very focused on making EATING while watching baseball the true pastime.

This year, at Wrigley, short rib disco fries, beer can chicken sandwich, southwestern fiesta hotdog, grilled three-cheese sandwich, fried pork tenders and more. Good grief! How thank goodness for all the TVs in the food lines or I wouldn't catch a moment of the game.

Would like to read about more food choices, get descriptions of the food I mentioned earlier and see photos of all this deliciousness? Chicago.Suntimes.Com has every taste detail.

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