Hollywood isn't too far away with the amount of celebrities who are always traveling around Illinois.  This time it's Kendall Jenner?!

First, Will Ferrell was spotted in Pekin filming a documentary and doing karaoke with friends, then Mark Wahlberg was bartending at Bellevue Restaurant in Chicago, then George Lopez was at CJ's Public House in Rockford about a month ago.

Out of all of those celebrities who came through Illinois, I did meet George Lopez.  I frequent CJ's on the weekends and I guess it was right place, right time!

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Now we hear that Kendall Jenner visited a few different bars around the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus to promote her tequila brand?!

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Imagine just enjoying a regular day at your favorite bars and Kendall randomly walks in... what a wild story you'd be able to tell friends.

Well, she visited KAMS and Joe's Brewery for Happy Hour to promote 818 Tequila, her alcohol brand named after her area code.

I saw that Kendall got behind the bar and started serving tequila shots and drinks to customers.  How fun for students and major fans!

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She also took tons of photos with fans and the staff at both bars.  Lucky fans!!!

How many people can say that the iconic model and TV personality served them at their local bar?  A few more after her visit!

KAMS Champaign - FB
KAMS Champaign - FB

As much as Kendall Jenner is a celebrity, she seems like she genuinely enjoys her line of work and interacting with her followers.

Wish she would've traveled a little further to Rockford and bartended - that would've been even crazier!  Fingers crossed... you never know who'll be spotted in town next!

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