If you like the paranormal but have never considered going on a real-life ghost hunt, you'll have a chance this summer.

When there's so much suspicion surrounding those involved with ghosts, The Fox Valley Ghost Hunters sound like the real deal.

Fox Valley Ghost Hunters on Facebook:

Our team is dedicated to helping our clients and also make sure all private investigations in your home or business remain confidential. We are always on time to investigations and our goal is to find the most logical explanation for our clients haunting and we work to debunk any natural causes not related to paranormal activity.

So while they seem to work with people facing ghost problems at home, they also venture into eerie and abandoned buildings from time to time with the public.

This summer, they're headed to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, a few hours north of Rockford, to check out the Sheboygan County Asylum.

The Vintage News listed the abandoned Sheboygan County Asylum as one of the "Most Haunted Mental Asylums" in America so you know it's really creepy.

Taking a look at their upcoming events, Fox Valley Ghost Hunters have to be doing something right because nearly every ticket for the upcoming Sheboygan Asylum ghost tours is nearly sold out.

As of right now, July 9 and July 10 are the only two dates with spaces open. Tickets are $65 per person.

If you won't have the time this summer, there are plenty of other chances this fall.

Just don't forget to bring a flashlight.

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