Looking for a haunted getaway? Is that even a thing?

I wasn't so sure about it until I noticed Ashmore Estates offering an overnight stay at what is described as one of Illinois' "Most Haunted Locations."

Do you have what it takes to encounter the spirits of those who may still be haunting the halls of this historic building?

Join us, and see why a visit to Ashmore Estates may very well leave you feeling breathless…

The checkered past of Ashmore Estates will be on full display if you choose to visit.

The dates for the um, "sleepover" are next Friday, September 25, and Saturday, September 26, and will cost $129 per person.

Included with your stay are a couple of vigils and seances along with a chance to go on a search for the paranormal with experienced ghost hunters.

The best part of the hunt is that they will let you use their ghost hunting equipment.

A trip from Rockford to Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, Illinois will take about 4 hours so if you're going to make the trek, it's probably worth it to stay overnight.

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