The highly anticipated 10-part Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls docu-series, The Last Dance, is getting moved up to to April. We've got the details.

It seems like it's been over a year since we first heard about this Michael Jordan/Bulls documentary. Here the FULL trailer for The Last Dance.

The film was originally scheduled for June, but word is ABC/ESPN is moving it up to April 19, according to

Social media has implored ESPN/ABC to move up the documentary’s beginning because of the hunger for new sports programming. ESPN and its four partners, including Netflix, Jordan, the NBA and Mandalay Sports Media, have heard the calls and have acted on them. Netflix owns the international rights to the docuseries.

And here is the official announcement from ESPN.

Every time I watch a trailer, I get so damn excited to see this documentary. I couldn't be more thankful that this will be released a couple months ahead of schedule.


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