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Euphoria Season 2 Officially in the Works

The first season of the hit teen HBO drama ended what seems like an eternity ago—summer 2019—and fans have been eager to see more from the series.

The dark, drug-laced TV drama follows the life of character Rue, played by Zendaya, a high school student who goes through a relationship and attempts recovery from her drug addiction. The show is power-packed with young stars, and work on Season 2 has officially begun. (via Cosmopolitan)

Happy World Sleep Day!

March 13 is World Sleep Day, meaning instead of going out Friday night perhaps make a date with your mattress.

A new survey found that 57% of Americans use technology to improve their sleep. 66% said they would like to use more technology at nighttime, whether that's using an app to limit screen time or using a watch to track biometrics.

Since the average person surveyed reported getting just over five hours of sleep, incorporating technology to get back closer to the recommended eight hours may be a good plan. (via People)

New York Shuts Down Events Exceeding Attendance of 500 People

To slow the spread of COVID-19, many concerts, festivals, film and TV shoots have been postponed or cancelled. In New York, all gatherings over 500 people have been shut down, including Broadway productions. After a Broadway usher tested positive for the virus, all NYC Broadway theaters are closed for a month. Other events affected include music tours, sporting events and even tax dates. (via Vulture)

Vans Supports Autism Awareness

The Vans company has continued to release sensory inclusive footwear designs which are part of their Autism Awareness Collection. The shoes are designed especially for those on the autism spectrum; the collection includes ultra-comfortable shoes with calming color palettes and features that focus on touch, sign and sound.

A percentage of proceeds goes towards the A.skate Foundation which shows children with autism how to skateboard, along with providing therapy and education. The Vans Autism Awareness Collection will be available this March. (via Vans)

Willow Smith Takes Performance Art To New Level

Willow Smith will debut a visual art project by her and her boyfriend Tyler Cole. The project will see her go through the eight stages of anxiety—paranoia, rage, sadness, numbness, euphoria, strong interest, compassion and finally, acceptance—at the Museum of Contemporary Arts while in a clear box. Inside the box, besides the couple, will be a canvas where they can write affirmations.

Smith apparently found inspiration from her own battles with anxieties from childhood for this performance. (via The Shade Room)

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