Congratulations to our MVP Kris Bryant and his new wife, Jessica Bryant. Here's everything we know about their recent wedding.

We weren't invited... thanks Kris... but we did get to see a few photos from Kris Bryant and Jessica Delp's January 7 wedding.

1/7 for number 17, you get it? He'll probably remember that anniversary forever... good thinking Mrs. Bryant.

Kris and Jessica may be young, but they've been dating since they were in high school together in Las Vegas.

Speaking of Vegas, we are pretty sure that's where they got married, or at least there was a Vegas theme.

Cubs front man Anthony Rizzo was in the wedding so of course he posted photos to his Instagram and one of those photos included an awesome sign I'd like to steal that says "#VegasBaby."

Other Cubbies in attendence included Albert Almora, Jason Heyward and John Lackey. We have to hope there are more photos to be posted when guests go through their phones post-wedding weekend.

Jessica looked beautiful in a long sleeve white gown and Kris wore some shade of Cubbie blue in the shots we saw on both of their IG pages.

Even though women all over the world are upset you're married, Kris, we'll still say congratulations. Now get on that honeymoon and get back before spring training.

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