Sometimes these surveys come out and my first thought is, "Was anyone actually wondering?" This is one of those times.

According to a new survey by an underwear company, 45 percent of Americans have worn the same underwear for two days in a row or longer.


Fox details -

One in two Americans surveyed stated they’ve worn the same pair of underwear for two days or more, according to the data. The survey stated that “conventional wisdom – and basic common sense” indicate underwear should be changed every day or at least washed after every wear.

But when researchers spoke with 1,000 of those surveyed, they found that “basic standard” wasn’t universal. Forty-five percent of the people surveyed admitted to wearing the same pair on multiple days, while 13 percent said they’ve worn the same pair for a week or more.


No. Just no.

Keep it clean people. Just because we can't see it doesn't mean you don't have to change it like you do your clothes.

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