Excuse me... Peter... could you just come to Rockford instead?

Ah, 'The Bachelorette,' (or 'The Bachelor for that matter), a TV dating show where viewers spend a few months watching someone chose a spouse from a pool of 25.

There are tears, there are roses and generally there are some pretty hot guys.

This upcoming season, one of those hot guys is from Madison, Wisconsin.

Seriously, is someone playing a joke on me? He has a backwards red hat on.

His name is Peter and he's obviously in good shape.

He's a personal trainer with Worth Personal Training, a company I believe he started himself. I'm only on my first hour of social media stalking Peter, so give me some time... I might come up with more information.

So far, thanks to Wet Paint, I've discovered that he is originally from Madison, he's lived in Chicago, too and in addition to personal training, he's a model and a volunteer.

He's like a male Miss America contestant... plus look, he likes kids.

I know you're committed to 'The Bachelorette,' Peter, but Rockford is way closer to Madison than L.A.

So if you want to just come hang out with me instead, that'll be fine.

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