Apparently when Jay Cutler isn't throwing interceptions, he's naked on vacation.

Jay Cutler and his wife, Kristin Cavallari are enjoying the sun at Tulum Beach in Mexico this week. No football, no kids and no clothes apparently.

Kristin is pretty popular on social media. Earlier this week she posted a photo that sent the Internet in a frenzy thinking she was pregnant.

She later posted a photo proving she's not pregnant... then took the focus off of herself completely by sharing a picture of her husband, Jay Cutler... completely naked.

A bare Bear if you will.

kristincavallari VIA Instagram
kristincavallari VIA Instagram

We all looked at it.

You know why? Because she posted it and social media is all about being nosy right?

My question is, why is he wearing two watches? Two watches and no pants sounds kind of bananas, right?

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