If you were getting ready to "dislike" all of your ex-boyfriend's new photos, you won't exactly be getting that chance.

Last night Facebook unveiled what they're adding to our accounts as the "dislike" button we were promised. It's not a "dislike" button at all.

It's not really any sort of button. It's emojis that will be called "reactions."

Meet the new Reactions.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Usually I'd be all about emoji inclusion, but I find this to be a strange way to give us that dislike option.

So here's what we're getting. It looks like the "like" button we have already won't be there anymore, instead we will get to choose which feelings we have toward our friend's post, "like, love, haha, yay, wow, sad, or angry."

This is a LOT of choices! Not sure how well this will work, but Facebook generally knows what they're doing.

Right now, the reactions are being tested overseas, but I have a feeling they'll be in Rockford pretty soon.

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