If you and your family enjoy flying kites, then there is a great festival for you this weekend in Wisconsin.

Childhood Memories Of Flying Kites

One year for a birthday present my parents bought me a kite. I can't remember what age but I was pretty young. I'd never experienced flying anything like it so I was excited. It was a good time. When I became a parent, I bought my daughter one. She loved it too. I really believe that flying a kite is a fun family activity.

What Does It Mean When Someone Says "Go Fly A Kite?"

By the way, if someone has ever told you to "go fly a kite," that isn't a good thing.  According to dictionary.cambridge.org, they are basically telling you to go away. Except, when you're told to do it at a Kite Festival, then it's just participating in the activities.

Kite Festival This Weekend In Wisconsin

This week is Memorial Day Weekend. You might be looking for something to do with the family. This festival will even get you out of town for a few hours.

According to onmilwaukee.com,

Let's go fly a kite – a lot of kites, actually, at the 36th annual Family Kite Festival, taking to the skies beginning at 10 a.m. both days over Memorial Day weekend in Veterans Park.


Hope for gorgeously gusty weather for this free festival bringing together kite lovers young and old, pros and those taking to the air for the first time.


And be sure to be there at noon for the Grand Launch of Kites – 600 in total!

For more info, HERE.

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