A photo is worth a thousand words and this Illinois dad proves that to be 100% true.

My dad was really hoping at some point to have a son, but ended up with three beautiful daughters.  I don't think he'd have it any other way if he could go back and change a single thing.

Here we are - I'm totally his favorite, though.  That's a fact!!!


When I was in 1st grade, my parents surprised me and my siblings with a puppy when we moved into our new house.

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Of course, my dad had to get a boy dog to compensate for all the estrogen floating around his house haha!

Meet my dad's best friend for 19 years, Toby.

attachment-dad toby

It's funny because my dad was the only human Toby liked lol.  Toby bit every person who came in his path and would protect my dad at all costs.

Unfortunately, we had to put Toby down a few years ago and my dad literally lost his best friend.  Fortunately, I saved one of the most precious photos of them together.

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My dad would sit on his back deck and play guitar with Toby by his side every single time.  Mostly, he'd lie down in my dad's guitar case and sunbathe!

Even though Toby wasn't a human son, my dad literally gave him fried rice, ribs, and endless table food like he didn't need dog food.  Yep, that's my dad for ya.

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I know my dad will read this blog and cry with his sunglasses on after he sees these photos.  The sunglasses are him just playing it off like it's too sunny outside, but in reality he's all emotional lol.

Happy Father's Day to my dad and everyone else celebrating!

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