Sure it's the 4th of July on Sunday, but on Saturday, it's all about Female Energy.

Have you heard of this event?

Women coming together celebrating women. We love everything about this.

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Female Energy is Saturday at 3013 W. Rockton Rd from 11 in the morning thru 6 at night. If you're wondering, what building is that? It's a barn, so you probably aren't too familiar with it unless you attended a wedding or special even there before. Maybe this is the special event!




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There are so different vendors on board for this event, from The Holy Oak, Indigo, Angel Cosmetics, Blazed and Boujee to Triple T Creations and Angie's Authentic Tamales.

Literally just to name a few.

So who's behind all of this? That would be Evangelina, or IndigoBaby.rkfd on Instagram. 

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She created this event and really took it to the max this year with over 50 different vendors ready to go tomorrow morning.

Evangelina is also the owner of Indigo, which is a storefront in Rockford and she does nails at Haute.

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