We've been waiting years but finally, Rockford has a Christmas bar so we can really get lit this holiday season.

Happy December 1! It's time to make sure you're wearing red and green, eating cookies and singing Christmas carols!

Ok, maybe not all day every day, but it's definitely a good time to surround yourself with Christmas cheer.

For the last decade or so, Christmas bars have been popping up all around the country including a few very popular spots in Chicago and surrounding Illinois towns.

But not here in Rockford.


I've been hanging here for almost a decade and I've never seen a bar or restaurant go all out until now.


I honestly almost didn't even recognize the bar and I've been there many times. It truly looks like it's filled with holiday cheer. How did it get so cheerful? That looks to be the work of the Savvy Events ladies. Which does not surprise me. Because Ashley and Sav are incredibly talented and creative. I mean, c'mon, just look at all of these photos!




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I'm just saying... if you want your holiday decor to look better than the rest, you might want to give them a call.

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And... if you want to feel like an elf on your next girls' night out, you probably want to head to Rural on Tap.

I sure hope they have some Holiday cocktails available too!

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