We're ready for a new month and a new Rockford's #1 category!

A lot of people use the new year as a chance to work on their health and fitness

But it's really hard to do that by yourself: enter Rockford area fitness instructors!

We want to know who your favorite is!

Vote for your favorite fitness instructor until 2 p.m. on Monday February 24, then come back Tuesday, February 25 to see who wins!

This is not limited to the town of Rockford, but the entire 97ZOK listening area.

Congratulations to Rockford's #1 Police Officer, Rob Washo!

Congratulations to Michelle Johnson, Rockford's #1 Bartender!

Also, Congratulations to Tam Woodrow, Rockford's #1 Make-up artist!

Also congrats to Mr. Flanagan, Rockford's #1 Principal, our October winner!

Additional congratulations to Rockford's #1 Firefighter, JR Cantu!

Also to Rockford's #1 Restaurant Server, Alex Treu.

As well as Rockford's #1 Tattoo Artist, Shawn Heaton.

And Rockford's #1 Wedding Planer, Tia Lasswell.

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