Big occasions call for professional photographers, we know you have a favorite - it's time to tell us all about them!

Throughout the month of September we are celebrating the amazing local photographers here in Rockford for looking for Rockford's #1!

This does not mean you have to live in the city limits of Rockford, just that you are in the 97ZOK listening area.

Congrats to our winner, Dustin Lervik!

Dustin won with over 60% of the vote and is clearly deserving of this honor.

He already thanked everyone who voted for him on his Facebook page.


Congratulations to Chris Simross from Kunes Country Belvidere, formally Jack Wolf, Rockford's #1 Mechanic!

Also, Congratulations to Tam Woodrow, Rockford's #1 Make-up artist!

Additional congratulations to Rockford's #1 Firefighter, JR Cantu!

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