Mechanics are important all year round, all the time, but during a pandemic when it's been 90 degrees for a whole month, they definitely deserve to be celebrated!

Throughout the month of August (we're getting a little bit of a head start we know...) we're looking for Rockford's #1 mechanic.

This does not mean you have to work in the city limits of Rockford, just that you are in the 97ZOK listening area.

You have until 2 p.m. on Monday, August 17th to vote your favorite mechanic into the Top Five. Tuesday, August 18 just after 8 a.m. on the Steve Shannon Show we will reveal the next round.

Good luck!

Congratulations to Rockford's #1 Outdoor Dining Location, University Club of Rockford!

Congratulations to Rockford's #1 Hairstylist, Kaysi Klaas!

Congrats to Angelica Hall, Rockford’s #1 Barista!

Congratulations to Brett Beaman, Rockford's #1 Fitness Instructor.

Congratulations to Rockford's #1 Police Officer, Rob Washo!

Congratulations to Michelle Johnson, Rockford's #1 Bartender!

Also, Congratulations to Tam Woodrow, Rockford's #1 Make-up artist!

Also congrats to Mr. Flanagan, Rockford's #1 Principal, our October winner!

Additional congratulations to Rockford's #1 Firefighter, JR Cantu!

Also to Rockford's #1 Restaurant Server, Alex Treu.

As well as Rockford's #1 Tattoo Artist, Shawn Heaton.

And Rockford's #1 Wedding Planer, Tia Lasswell.

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