We always loved our hairstylists, but right now we love them more than ever. Now is the time to share that love with us and make your favorite Rockford's #1.

We've all been itching to get back in the world to see our family and friends and our hairstylists. Since about day five or six of the Stay at Home Order, haircuts were on the brain.

Was my last one a good enough cut? Did I schedule another one for April? WHEN CAN I SEE MY HAIRSTYLIST AGAIN?

We know, it's been rough.

Thankfully many Rockford area salons and barbershops are reopening and giving us a clean and safe way to trim our locks. But who's your favorite?

Your favorite is...Kaysi Klaas from Twisted Scissors!


Congratulations, Kaysi, well deserved!

Kaysi had 36% of the vote and is clearly busting her butt every day to earn the title.

Also, Congratulations to Tam Woodrow, Rockford's #1 Make-up artist!

Additional congratulations to Rockford's #1 Firefighter, JR Cantu!

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