With only a few months to enjoy the blossoming flowers throughout Wisconsin, take full advantage of all the flower festivals happening around the state!

It wasn't until this year that I was really into sunflower fields, buying beautiful hanging baskets for my front yard, and visiting local flower and plant shops in my area.  My parents are really into gardening, which got me into the flower scene!

Now, I see there are a ton of flower festivals popping up and I know the universe is telling me to go.  You too?

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In Full Bloom: 3 Flower Festivals Worth the Drive In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Arts & Peony Festival - Beaver Dam

On June 7th-9th from 9am to 5pm, you can experience the field full of peonies at Ovans Peony Farm!  They'll have an Art Market, Art & Sewing Exhibits, Art Classes & Workshops, and a Brunch & Blossoms Stroll.

"Ovans Peony Farm is the largest stem cut peony farm in the state of Wisconsin and currently has over 1600 plants of 100+ peony varieties."


Annual Cranberry Blossom Festival - Wisconsin Rapids

On June 20th-23rd, be in the heart of cranberry country.

This festival will have live music, a parade, arts and crafts, a carnival, and delicious treats inspired by Wisconsin's #1 crop fruit, the cranberry.

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New Life Lavender and Cherry Farm - Baraboo

On June 28th-29th, see 25 varieties of lavender, 10,000 lavender plants and 5 acres of wildflower fields!  Take a leisurely walk, take in the views, and indulge in homemade lavender ice cream or lavender and cherry pie.


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No matter which festival you choose, you'll have a great time taking in all the beautiful smells and fresh air from the blossoming flowers around you!

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