What's better then fresh flowers on your kitchen counter? Fresh flowers you got at a Rockford Flower Flash.

Spring is fully in the air and for Rockford, Illinois that means a ton of flowers popping up all over the city.

What's a flower flash?

Good question! A flower flash is a pop-up flower giveaway organized by the Rockford Art Museum where you can stop and grab or make a bouquet and get ready for this year's 'Art in Bloom' and 'Fashion in Bloom' events in June.

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This morning (Monday May 13) the third flower flash of the season took place in downtown Rockford at the corner of State and Main.

On May 1, the group kicked off flower flash season near the Symbol on the Sinnissippi Bike Path.


We're expecting flower flashes to continue through the month of May and possibly into June leading up to the yearly floral events that are taking place at the Union in downtown Rockford for the first time. The Rockford Art Museum usually hosts 'Art in Bloom' and 'Fashion in Bloom,' however the museum is under construction this spring. The 'Art in Bloom' preview party will be on Wednesday, June 12 with the exhibit sticking around through June 16. 'Fashion in Bloom' will take place on Friday June 14.

The best way to make sure you don't miss a flower flash is to follow the Rockford Art Musuem on Instagram. 

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