What can we say... he's a grandpa stud muffin.

Ryne Sandberg is one of the biggest celebrities from my childhood.

My family is filled with Cubs fans and Ryno was the man in the 90s for all of us, most specifically my two brothers.

When he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, my brothers and my dad took the trip to Cooperstown for the ceremony and slept in the field the night before.

Yeah, they slept in the field!

So of course I follow Ryno on Instagram. He is one of my favorite insta-grandpas.

As of today though, he's got a new look.

Ryno is the new spokesperson for Restore. They were the company behind Brian Urlacher's new look last year.

So what do you think... isn't Ryno a grandpa stud these days? (Click the arrow on the photo to see the new picture).

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