Being 36 and having a son that's heading off to college in a few months, one of the most commonly asked questions I get asked is, "are you planning on having any more kids?" Typically my answer is, "aaah I'm not really sure." That's quickly followed up by, "but you're so young." Yes, I am, and the possibility of having more children will always be there. I'm definitely not saying "no" and it's hard to say that word when you know that there's so many children in need of a safe; loving home.

Whether you already have kids of your own, are planning to have more children or maybe you never had kids but have so much love to give, you can be a foster parent.

According to WREX, 1,100 children in Winnebago County are in need of foster families and to keep them close to family, friends and familiarity, the Department of Children and Family Services would like to find them a home in this area.

If you love to give and are able to care for a child in need, the county is looking for you. If you're interested in becoming a foster parent and learning more, you can call 815-987-5237.