As the NBA season gets underway in the NBA's Orlando Bubble, ESPN films episode one of the Fred VanVleet video diary.

I'm not sure exactly what ESPN has planned for Fred and his video diary, but I can tell you this, I love this man's heart. We are so lucky that have this man represent 815 on a global level. I hope this will be the first of many videos.

Fred VanVleet's diary: Episode One.

This year's NBA season is filled with many challenges, on and off the court. Players are living and playing at Disney World, in a temporary basketball campus called a "bubble," It also means wearing a mask 24/7 and being away from their entire families throughout the entire season.

Player's jerseys will have special messages on them this season, Fred explains the message on his jersey and what he initially wanted it to be. He shares specifically how his upbringing is an important part of the man he is today.

The Toronto Raptor point guard also says he doesn't see any reason why his team can't win another championship this season.

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