You never know what Rockford's downtown area has waiting for you for your next visit.


Maybe it has been a minute since you have visited Rockford's riverfront and downtown. Within the last few years murals, like the one in the picture above, are scattered throughout.

The Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau's CR8IV campaign has done a tremendous job bringing talented artists to bring beautiful murals to the area.

Art festivals, Rockford City Market, and various parades aren't the only special things you'll spot in downtown Rockford.


Sorry, this isn't a Cheap Trick reference, they're not the only "hometown heroes" anymore. Auburn High School alumni and NBA champion Fred VanVleet has earned that title and then some.

During NBA's all-star weekend a massive poster popped up on one of Rockford's tallest buildings. Why? Because FVV earned himself a spot in the all-star game. (Fred put up 6 points, two rebounds, and three assists.)


Another dining option has popped up in downtown Rockford in place of the old Taco Betty's. If this is news to you do not panic because the new spot has familiar owners, that of Taco Betty's. The new focus is burgers and the new name is 212 Grindhouse.

Downtown Rockford may have seemed deserted two decades ago but that certainly is not the case today, which makes this next video a bizarre occurrence.

Not too far from Embassy Suites, a sign of the wild Wild West was caught on camera.

Where did the tumbleweed come from and where is it going?

Downtown Rockford has an Ultra Cool Rock & Roll Tribute Airbnb

It is very clear where the renovation inspiration for this two-bedroom rental came from. Big fans of the band that hails from Rockford, Illinois, Cheap Trick.

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