You guessed it, the best part of chicken pot pie is actually the crust.

When I dream about chicken pot pie, it's usually filled with delicious creamy sauce and vegetables, all wrapped up in a pie crust.

Then I bought this Smart Ones frozen meal.

You know... I missed the crust.

Frozen Find #3: Smart Ones Crustless Chicken Pot Pie
“white meat chicken with a mix of vegetables and dumplings, smothered in a classic pot pie sauce”

200 calories, 4.5g fat, 5g sugar, 21g carbs, 18g protein

  • Smell: there wasn't much of a smell in this one, nothing bad, but not much good either.
  • Appearance: Where is the crust? Oh, yeah, Michelle you bought "crustless" chicken pot pie.
  • Texture: Totally normal, minus the crust of course.
  • Size: For 200 calories this was actually very filling.
  • Deliciousness: 6/10. It wasn't gross at all, but let's face it, I missed the crust. So much so that I almost went out of my way to buy a pie after I ate it. Really great sale? Buy it. Regular price, walk away.

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