Happy National Beer Day, cheers!

For the past few years The Steve Shannon Show has spent the weeks of Lent checking in with Del Hall, a man from Ohio who drinks ONLY BEER for Lent. Spoiler alert - a beer diet can really work, look at Del's results!

He works for a brewery in Ohio called 16 Lots and he sent us an awesome box of beer!

This was our unboxing video -

We had to wait a whole week to drink it, but on National Beer Day, we finally got to crack open those cans.


We made ourselves some pretty ratchet looking beer flights -

IMG_9745 2
Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 12.53.25 PM

Here's what we had to sip on

  • Dented Silo - Amber
  • The Major - Pilsner
  • Soak City - Juicy IPA

We poured ourselves some sample cups and got Del Hall on the phone.

Here's our taste test -

I'm not a huge drinker, but I really liked every beer we got to try!

I can't lie, I was nervous about the IPA because I don't normally like those, but I didn't even have to fake that I liked it - I just liked it.

Next time you're browsing fad diets and you remember the man in Ohio who drank only beer for Lent, don't forget a couple important things.

  • He has checked in with his doctor and also drinks black coffee and water during his beer diet
  • He also takes vitamins and exercises during Lent as well to stay healthy and get a little extra weight off

Happy National Beer Day. Cheers!

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