If heading to Galena for a fun overnight with your newly purchased recreational marijuana sounds like fun, wait til you see this.

Recreational use of marijuana has only been legal since January 1, 2020 and already the state has its first 'potting shed'. First, I love the name of this private smoking space, now being offered at Aldrich Guest House in Galena, Illinois.

The 'potting shed', which was completed just before the start of the new year, is equipped with water, snacks, a TV and supplies for consumption, according to Aldrich House owners, Robert and Douglas Mahan,

“People are still going to be consuming it even if its not in a cannabis friendly property,” Robert said. “They are just going to sneak it into rooms or the smell is going to go into yours. Or they will be on the porch that you’re trying to enjoy. Whereas here we have a specific designated area and its able to help both groups of people enjoy their time with us to the max.”

[H/T KWQC.com]

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