Whether you love Lou Malnati's or you think their pizza is a savory 'cake,' you have to agree it's one of the most talked about pizza places in Illinois. It's about to get even more buzz on April 5th after this social media tease.

In 1971 pizza in Chicago changed for good. You can interpret 'for good,' however you want. Personally I think it's 'forever,' and 'for positive,' in this case because I happen to love Lou Malnati's Pizza.

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It helps that I grew up about five minutes from Lou's in Schaumburg, and that my oldest brother is a die hard Lou's fan.. it was a staple in my childhood and now that the restaurant has more locations across the state, it's part of my adulthood, too.

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Lou Malnati's came to Rockford in February 2019 and with that a whole bunch of new Lou's fans out here in the Stateline.

While they're probably opening new locations this year, that's not the news I want to tell you about.

My news is a social media post I saw on Instagram yesterday, simply the date 4.5.24 and what looks to be hot honey dripping onto the numbers.

The first time I had hot honey on a pizza was in 2021 in Oregon, IL at Ogle County Brewery, and while I wasn't so sure about it when I saw it, it was love at first bite.

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I'm setting an alarm to check Lou Malnati's Instagram on April 5th and I hope I'll be ordering a hot honey pizza that day too!

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