So has anyone else heard that there is a solar eclipse happening on Monday? Ha ha, I kid. Let's get real. That's all anyone is talking about.

Who knew that the country would be freaking out about this. Everyone wants to see this thing. But here's the catch, you can only view it with eclipse glasses, otherwise you could cause some serious damage to those pretty peepers of yours. I think Rockford and northern Illinois are completely out of them. You can buy them on Amazon for $50+ and hope they come by Monday at 1:16 p.m., or...

Get Free Solar Eclipse Glasses at Rockford City Market
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You can hurry down to Rockford City Market tonight, according to 1,000 free pairs tonight at the Market starting at 4 p.m.. Only one pair per person, and first come first serve. The last total solar eclipse visible from the United States was in 1979. The next one will be in 2024. It's kind of a rare phenomenon, and one you probably don't want to miss.

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