Returning for another year of success, the Rockford Vintage Market is making its appearance in downtown Rockford on June 25th!

I've been to the Vintage Market a few times and am just amazed by all the local vendors who have hustled and had awesome luck finding all the vintage merchandise they sell.  One year, I found an 'On The Waterfront' sweatshirt from Smiley's Vintage and I'm always soooo careful not to spill anything on it or wash it with anything else (lol).  It's such a rare find because that festival was such an iconic part of Rockford!


Great food, great music, great vintage and secondhand vendors!

On June 25th from 9am-3pm, you'll be able to shop all sorts of local vendors and stock up on some incredible vintage apparel, as well as vintage goods to decorate your home!

Underneath the Rockford City Market Pavilion you can find food trucks, live music, and even a bar serving non-alcoholic drinks, wine, beer, and vintage-inspired cocktails.

Over the years, this vintage market has grown to be a popular event the community loves, just like Rockford City Market.

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If you're a vintage lover, niche collector, a sucker for restored furniture, and vintage jewelry... come on out to the Rockford Vintage Market!

I guarantee you'll leave with a trunk full of merchandise you didn't expect to leave with.  It always happens, I say I limit myself to one item and end up walking away with a bag full of impulse purchases!!!

Though the lineup of local vendors and food trucks haven't been announced to the public yet, there sure will be a ton of booths to shop from.  The selection will be endless and you won't be disappointed!  Don't forget to mark your calendars for June 25th from 9am-3pm at the Rockford Vintage Market.


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