If you've used the app "Waze" then you're already pretty familiar with how this works. But if you're not let me break it down.

Waze is basically Google maps but it allows users to be way more interactive and send alerts to other drivers. If you're using the Waze app on the road and you pass a cop, you can then mark in the app where the speed trap was and it will show other drivers.

Google's new features are pretty much an effort to compete with the Waze app.

ABC20 details -

Google Maps is adding new features to its update, including the ability to see where officers are catching speeders. Users around the world will be able to report where police officers are hiding in the app, and that will then show to other users on the route. The update will also add an option to identify things like construction, lane closures, disabled vehicles, and objects in the road, which may be slowing down traffic.

Here's what it will look like -

So apparently Android users already have some of these features in their Google maps. The update is scheduled to start rolling out to iPhone users soon as well.

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