Well you also need a cupcake recipe, but I can help you with that.

Carole Keleher owns Mix Cupcakerie and Kitchen in Vermont. Her business has been blooming for the past two years, but now she's ready to sell it, for $75, a cupcake recipe and an essay about why you'd love to own her bakery.

Why would she do this?

Her partner got a job out of town and they are moving quickly, and also Carole would love to help someone have a dream business like she does, even without the immense amount of money you usually need to start one. It's pretty cool.

Carole just wants someone who will love her bakery as much as she does. She's not looking for a fancy chef or pastry-guru, just a cupcake lover who will continue what she's started.

If only I wanted to move to Vermont, I'd enter this immediately. I have a pretty delicious graham cracker cupcake I would be able to enter!