Is an almost 29-year-old too old to start getting tattoos?

I want to get a tattoo. I've wanted one since I was about 18 and I decided I could live with a cupcake tattooed on my body forever.

Not a regular cupcake with frilly pink or a cherry on top, eww, no. I want what I call an "edgy" cupcake. I once had my co-worker, Nicole, who now designs her own fashion line, draw out this edgy cupcake so I could really get one.

But, I don't have one, because when you're considering getting a tattoo of a cupcake, the placement of that cupcake seems to be a bigger deal than some other tats.

Cupcake on a foot? Weird. Cupcake near your stomach? Makes sense but kind of weird.

Regardless of where I would decide to put that cupcake, there's a high percentage chance that I won't get one, mostly because everyone around me thinks I'm too old to get my first tattoo.

Two people that I spend a lot of time with separately told me, no way, you're too old to get one. If you already had one, you could get another, but you missed the boat on that.

Many Google searches led me to lists of plenty of people who got their first tattoo way after 28, but I want to know what you think, how old do you think is too old to start ink-ing?

Is "ink-ing" a thing? Maybe it's not that I'm not young enough, but that I'm not cool enough.

Buzzfeed had a pretty cool experiment recently where they let best friends pick out tattoos for each other and it ended up creating a pretty great video. I would pick a pizza emoji for my best friend, which is probably why she won't let me get a tattoo.