New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was in Milwaukee for the Cubs-Brewers game and got in the face of an apparent smack-talking Cubs fan.

The Governor's office has yet to issue an official comment on the short video you'll see below. Clearly the Cubs fan said something to Governor Christie that he didn't like. He bends over to get in the man's face and all you can hear him say is, "you're a big shot." At that point he stands up, stacked nachos in hand, and continues down the stairs to his seat. His seat is way better than the Cubs fan's seat and that alone would tick me off.

I can't wait to find out what this was really about. Whatever statement Governor Christie's office releases will likely be a softened down version of what really happened. I don't even want to know the Cubs fan's version. The version of the story I want is from the woman sitting next to that Cubs fan. If you know that couple, tell them we'd like to talk with them.

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