There are some sick people out there, and this fella thought he was being SG

Christopher Thompson, of Bartonville, Illinois was issued an ordinance citation for disorderly conduct, after he tossed a dead squirrel through a Hardee's drive thru window.

So here are to gross details. Chris has a dead squirrel on his dash, and started petting it and playing with it while in the Hardee's drive. Telling the people that it was his pet, as he stroked the squirrel as he laughed and joked with the Hardee's crew. When he placed his order for his burger, he asked for "extra nuts" for his furry little pal.

One of the Hardee's employees questioned if it was even real, maybe it was a stuffed animal or something. Christopher said yes, it's real, and tossed it thru the drive thru window.


Cops are called, the squirrel tosser was taken into custody and he admitted it was a prank. His excuse for the how and why of tossing a dead squirrel into a drive through window...Chris said he thought.  "the drive thru window would close, not allowing the squirrel to enter the business." Ohhh, sounds realistic. Ewww.

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It was another Hardee's customer that actually removed the dead squirrel and set it outside.

Red squirrel

I did plenty of dumb crap when I was in my teens, (this dude was 26 at the time) but tossing a dead squirrel in a drive thru is just stupid.

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