Reddit is usually a good source for finding the latest news but did you know it's also a place where guys attempt to reconnect with women they met while on vacation?

That's the story based on a Reddit post from a few days ago by fatfingers12345 who said:

"I was in Nashville earlier this week and met a girl named Carly at a bar on Monday night (1/30). She was in town for a friend's birthday with some other friends and we hit it off really well. According to what she told me her name is Carly, she is from Rockford, graduated from NIU and works at a preschool/childcare that was part of the YMCA (I assume in the Rockford area?). I think she said she was 26 but she had to have been at least 21 since they card at basically every bar in downtown Nashville. She was a little shorter than me ~5'7" with brown/reddish hair. I must have messed up putting in her number into my phone because the response I got back was not from her. I didn't realize until she had gone and have not been able to find her online. We talked for at least an hour or two and she was really excited for me to text her. I feel bad that I f---ed up her number!! Please PM me if this sounds like somebody you know, or can help in any way!"

There are two ways this could go for fatfingers12345. This woman straight up lied to him and gave him a phony number along with an incredibly intricate story to go along with the lie, or he just messed up the number.

Part of me believes the guy. Mainly because the story about her working at the YMCA, mentioning Rockford, along with NIU sounds like something that could be and should be real.

Do you know a Carly, who graduated from NIU and works for the YMCA? If so, a Redditor named fatfingers12345 is looking for her.

UPDATE! We found her and she talked to us!


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