A family-operated bookstore, Half Price Books Outlet, just announced they're set to close their Rockford location this spring.

The news that this bookstore in Rockford is definitely disappointing for avid readers and book lovers in the Stateline.

Half Price Books Outlet Closing Rockford Location This Spring

If you've never been to the Rockford location, they're located at 6669 E State Street right by Gustafson's Furniture.

After being in business in Rockford for nearly 10 years, the insufficient customer foot traffic was the reason for not renewing their lease.

When Will Half Price Books Close Their Doors?

On April 8th, the family-operated business will close for good. 

If you're interested in stocking up on discounted books, music, collectibles, games, or movies, stop into Half Price Books before they're gone!

If you have a HPB gift card with a balance, you can still use it at any of their locations.  There are over 120 locations, 10 are in Illinois.  You can redeem your gift card on the website, too!

Make a visit to the store before they close on April 8th, who knows what you'll find within the bookshelves of endless literature!  Open 11-6pm Tuesday-Saturday.

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